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Happy Halloween!

[Owner] GoofyBunnie a posted 10 hours ago
Hey everyone!

I just want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween, and hope you're having a good one.  For you older folks try not to party to hard tonight or  drink, that hangover won't be pretty the next day. lol,  Anyway be safe everyone. <3


In a Rut

[Mod] That1LatinoBro posted Sep 18, 14
Heyy everyone,

I hope everyone is doing great. I just wanted to post a quick question for you guys about the server....
So as everyone knows by now, Gaymers World Server is hosted by Bukkit, which in this case is having some massive changes to its ownership  as well as other major changes in staff. Since Mojang has not cleared the "legal" side of Bukkit, pretty much all the servers who are hosted by Bukkit are being affected and cannot be updated to the recent 1.8 "The Bountiful" update." So we are in a rut, if you will. 

My question to everyone is, what do you guys want to do?? Should we switch back to our old 1.7.10 world?? or continue playing in our 1.8 temporary world until Bukkit gets sorted out?? (which could take months for Bukkit to finally release 1.8)
MPEMojang 1.7.10 Bukkit
joshjh47 #1.8DropParty
RunsWithLava I think we should stay on 1.7.10 until bukkit updates, then we can get a new 1.8 map with a new spawn and the double che ...
Heyy everyone,

Hope everyone is just as excited about 1.8 release as I am! Gaymers World will update to 1.8 as soon as Bukkit decides to update (expected date: next week). So in order to get ready, Staff has decided that it would be best to reset the entire server and start fresh... However! We have also decided that each player will be able to take two double chest filled with their items. Since we realize two double chest is not very much space, Gaymers World will provide some necessary start-up items.

Gaymers World will provide the following necessary items:
-x64 Cooked Steak 
-x5 Block of Coal
-x32 Wood Logs

Storage can be found at /warp storage 
Be sure to lock your chest. Upon 1.8 update inventories and in-game money will be reset as well.
Please move your items to the storage vault when you get a chance, Bukkit is expected to update next week! If you have any questions please contact staff <3
alexfire uh so.... bukkit is apparently being abandoned by most of its support and development team ... it seems like 1.8 might b ...
BalticBoss Oh, it's already up. That's disappointing, I had a ton of stuff I wanted to move. Oh well :C
BalticBoss When will this be?

New Venue!

[Mod] That1LatinoBro posted Aug 31, 14
Hello Everyone,

Im happy to (finally) announce that Gaymers World Arena is now open and ready to host its first event! After much anticipation and work, we have finally completed the arena in which we will be able to host PvP events, SG, Mob fights, Mini-games, and much more. Head to /warp GaymersArena to check it out!

[Mod] Rachilde a I'm so glad we got to use the arena. It's breathtaking, Latino.
joshjh47 Hey can I get some Spawners in order to make a huge ass Colosseum to battle mobs

Heyy everyone, it's bunnie here. <3

I have thought about this for a few weeks now, and I have decided to build some of your lovely faces in spawn.  If you would like to have a statue of your minecraft skin head in spawn then comment on this post below. :)  

I hope everyone has a nice day/night. ^_^


joshjh47 Can I has mine please :3
BalticBoss Maybe please? c:
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