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Happy Birthday!

Hello everyone,

As not all of you were in the updates message group, I'd like to share here that due to inactivity, electricity usage, and a hot room, the server I had been hosting on my computer *temporarily* in place of GaymersWorld is now closed. As promised, here are the download links for the worlds, as well as a download link including all the spigot files for running the server with all the same plugins and whatnot. All you would need to do to run it is move the worlds (which are separate downloads) into the root folder. Without further adue:

Main Build World:
Quest World:
The End:
Creative World:

Server Shutdown

Havelock a posted Mar 14, 15

Dear Gaymers,
Given our protracted absence and the continued downtime on the server,
it will probably not surprise you to hear that the server is being closed for good.
Between the time needed to maintain the server in a way that was fair to the players as well
as a lack of donations and funds, we decided that closing the server was the best option. We
enjoyed meeting and getting to know you, and hope that you find another community
where you belong.