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ahhh ok thanks Logan
The Minecraft services are down at the moment
Is Gaymers server down again?
Cheese nooooo i will miss you
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Hello, everyone it's bunnie here.

I have decided to enable the whitelist on the server.  I felt like it needed to be implemented in GaymersWorld to stop most of the griefing, trolling, and harassing on the server to keep it a safe place for everyone.  Also, if you're already a member/donor on GaymersWorld, I would like you to still fill out the "Whitelist Application".  You only have to answer couple of questions, and you'll be added to the whitelist in no time.  I also decided to reset all of the staff members back to default rank besides the helpers, this staff team wasn't set in stone yet, so i'll be choosing couple more people when the time comes.

P.S: Whitelist Application is on the home page tab next to the banappeal.   

New Features that's coming to GaymersWorld. 

I have decided to add a creative world for everyone in the server, I felt like some of you has been wanted this for awhile.  We'll be doing couple building events soon in the creative world.  :) 

This is all, I hope you guys have a good day/night. <3


Hi all, 
This is a goodbye letter from me. Just wanted to thank you guys for a great run this server. I have been considering this for quite some time now (the past few weeks actually) but I have some personal matters that need resolving and I need to focus on spending more time getting some clarity in real life rather than spending my time distracting myself with minecraft to avoid thinking about the very things that have been happening to me lately as I've been having a lot of trouble and personal issues (Sorry to be vague but I will be fine, I promise!). As a result, I have decided to step down from the Admin position on this server and will be a regular player (or freelance builder) and won't be on here much.

It's been an incredible time here to say the least and I've made so many friends with you all and that was my main goal. As an admin, I wanted to protect the lil' family I had on this server but beyond that, just meet great people and build things together and share some minecraft experiences since this was one of the first servers I joined! I've explored with you all, built with you all, maybe pranked you and scared you from the darkness by creeping at your house window, and I've made so many friends and it's all I could've asked for. I just hope I was able to be the friend that ya needed and I hope I was able to make ya smile at least once. :)

Before I say goodbye, I wanted to give some parting advice for you all - I would like to say that there are a few players that have conflicts with one another and it's giving me and everyone else anxiety to experience it on global chat when we're all trying to have a good time! This server and minecraft should be a game for people to have fun, not to start conflict! If someone does something you don't agree with, please take a step back and resolve your disagreements by agreeing to disagree. Scream-matches never resolve anything, nor do threats or hurtful words. You don't have to like someone, but they should deserve the same civility and respect everyone else here has for one another! Everyone deserves the courtesy of respect. This is not pointing fingers at anyone since I think that, collectively, everyone's disagreements have given me and other-people-not involved-in-said-disagreements with a lot of stress, which doesn't help when we all are here to be friends, not make enemies. 

It's cliche to say it, but at the end of the day minecraft is a game! Let's take everything lightly and roll with the punches and keep our heads held high. This server is a home to us all so let's keep this home as awesome and lovely as it's always been for me (and my room of 200 chickens shhh don't tell anyone)

Some last words, this isn't a complete goodbye since you'll see me every now and then. But I hope you all understand why I had to leave. This is nobody's fault, just my own decision to be the better me I can possibly be and focus on making strides over my personal crap in my life. I just want to be a happier person.

I keep saying this but I really do hope you all will support my decision and please keep your fingers crossed for me! Since this is my goodbye letter, can I be cheesy as possible and end with an overly sentimental quote by Mr. Rogers (man of the year)? : "It's not so much what we have in this life that matters. It's what we do with what we have. The alphabet is fine, but it's what we do with it that matters most. Making words like "friend" and "love;" That's what really matters."

I hope I did all I could do for you guys- whether you peer-pressured me to sing&rap for you or whether I spent a minecraft day with ya at the least.

Keep in touch (please!) and promise me you'll all stay safe and happy and kind. 

(My skype is cheesesauce2323)
Say hi to me and hang out with me when I'm on the server please! That's the only wish I have for ya and please gimme all the love and support and good vibes you have for me as I go on this journeyy.

I love you all. 

You guys are family to me and I'll always be your friend.

All the best,

Lycana93 D: I'm gonna miss you cheese, you were one of the most awesome admins, and I always looked forward to hanging with you, ...
50runeeli it's been fun cheese, i'll miss you i hope u have a good life *shreds a tear* you will always be in our hearts ...
joshjh47 Thanks for everything :3 I know it could be stress full but I really hope you can talk to me if you are feeling down. Go ...

I'm excited to announce, that we now have a Moded Pixelmon Minecraft Server.  If you're getting bored on our Survival vanilla Minecraft Server, and you like playing Pokemon, also want a fresh start come join the Pixelmon Server. 

How to join the server, you'll have to download the ATLauncher, they have Pixelmon modpack that's easy to install.  here's a video on here to get everything setup:

once you get everything set up like the ATLauncher, and the Pixelmon modpack then you're able to join the server. 

the IP to the server:

joshjh47 Alright c:
[Owner] GoofyBunnie ao Of course, Lemon, I choose Pixelmon mod cause everyone like pokemon, and it's not huge mod that everyone will lag on. w ...
joshjh47 If you are wanting to make a Pixelmon Server would you ever consider Tekkit, FTB, Hat Pack etc.


cheesesauce posted Jul 11, 14

It is with great happiness, that I announce Gaymers' World first PROM! 
Be sure to bring a friend or a date for all of us to boogie down

A prom king/queen will be announced!

Details: JULY 18th / 8:00 PM EST (NYC time for me)
Where: There will be a warp created later on but this will take place at Lach's Castle
What to wear: Wear your best suit/dress! This is a formal black tie party!

King, and Queen are, Cheese and Kandi! 
joshjh47 Could I win if I am single, forever alone
Andrelew Can u win the prom king/queen without a date? HALP IM LONELY O-O
Killercroissants About the black tie part...does the tie HAVE to be black? o_o


Killercroissants posted Jul 3, 14
The wait is finally over, GaymersWorld! Our server is BACK with a vengeance!


Logan, our great leader, has been working day-in and day-out to get our server up and running again exactly as it was before. Indeed, our server is perfectly copied over with all entities, warps, locations, and plug-ins in check! This is a good time to give praise to Logan for his excruciating detail to perfection and a seamless transition into our new server IP.

The biggest change to our server is DDoS protection! We will be safer from attacks that temporarily brought our server down. Truly through every hardship we are able to overcome and become stronger because of it! 

Stay strong Gaymersworld!
Andrelew HALP i put the ip in but it don't work ...
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