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happens. it'll be back up soon. in time for PROM
Hey all of a sudden it kicked me out of the server what happened?
Good timing for server crash....
You have been added in the Elite rank, willieuk88 c:
Donated $60 as it wouldn't let me purchase the elite in store
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I'm excited to announce, that we now have a Moded Pixelmon Minecraft Server.  If you're getting bored on our Survival vanilla Minecraft Server, and you like playing Pokemon, also want a fresh start come join the Pixelmon Server. 

How to join the server, you'll have to download the ATLauncher, they have Pixelmon modpack that's easy to install.  here's a video on here to get everything setup:

once you get everything set up like the ATLauncher, and the Pixelmon modpack then you're able to join the server. 

the IP to the server:

joshjh47 @ GaymersWorld Pixelmon
Alright c:
[Owner] GoofyBunnie a Of course, Lemon, I choose Pixelmon mod cause everyone like pokemon, and it's not huge mod that everyone will lag on. w ...
joshjh47 @ GaymersWorld Pixelmon
If you are wanting to make a Pixelmon Server would you ever consider Tekkit, FTB, Hat Pack etc.


[Admin] cheesesauce a posted Jul 11, 14

It is with great happiness, that I announce Gaymers' World first PROM! 
Be sure to bring a friend or a date for all of us to boogie down

A prom king/queen will be announced!

Details: JULY 18th / 8:00 PM EST (NYC time for me)
Where: There will be a warp created later on but this will take place at Lach's Castle
What to wear: Wear your best suit/dress! This is a formal black tie party!

King, and Queen are, Cheese and Kandi! 
joshjh47 @ GaymersWorld Pixelmon
Could I win if I am single, forever alone
Andrelew Can u win the prom king/queen without a date? HALP IM LONELY O-O
[Admin] Killercroissants About the black tie part...does the tie HAVE to be black? o_o
The wait is finally over, GaymersWorld! Our server is BACK with a vengeance!


Logan, our great leader, has been working day-in and day-out to get our server up and running again exactly as it was before. Indeed, our server is perfectly copied over with all entities, warps, locations, and plug-ins in check! This is a good time to give praise to Logan for his excruciating detail to perfection and a seamless transition into our new server IP.

The biggest change to our server is DDoS protection! We will be safer from attacks that temporarily brought our server down. Truly through every hardship we are able to overcome and become stronger because of it! 

Stay strong Gaymersworld!
Andrelew HALP i put the ip in but it don't work ...
Hello citizens of Gaymersworld! It is I! Killercroissants!

Lately we have been noticing an increase in grief situations and unpleasant company from other servers, homophobes, and otherwise child-like persons. With many schools closing down for summer vacation it is likely that we'll be having a couple months of this behavior until school starts up again. I wanted to take this time to talk to you guys about the protective services we provide here and how you can ensure the safety of your Minecraft property and work! 

Let's begin with the easiest one: Griefing!

Our primary line of defense against griefing is protective areas we as staff can set for you! This works by selecting two corner points of your property. We protect everything within these two corners and everything 100-200 blocks above and below the space selected. This ensures that no one can grief on, above, or below your builds! You can place blocks to indicate your area of protection or you can have staff do it. Either way, the best way to maximize your protection is to expand your protection area somewhat beyond your immediate build. This doesn't mean hundreds of blocks past a build, but just enough to allow you to expand. Protections can be re-applied at any time if you feel you have built past your protected area. Bear in mind that protected areas are applied practically and we will not protect entire continents for you (let's be fair to other players too, huh?). Make sure your builds have protections! Staff can always check for you if you're uncertain! 

Additionally to adding protections, staff are all trained to perform Rollbacks if the occasion calls for it. Rollbacks are simply a command we can use to target a specific player or area for griefs and bring back their building/destructing progress to a specific time period. Example of this: if Susy decides to throw lava everywhere in Spawn we can rollback Susy's progress by 10 seconds, 10 days, 10 hours, 10 months, etc. With a rollback, all other progress Susy may have done will also be wiped away. So if Susy helped you build something on your home yesterday, but decided to grief today a 10 day rollback will also take her contributions to your home away. We as staff try our best to pinpoint an almost-exact time period to rollback someone to. If you see a grief, DO NOT TRY TO FIX IT! Allow staff to check it first. It is 99% likely that through our checking it out, it will get fixed to exactly how it was left before griefing.

If you witness someone griefing -- best examples would be taking down random blocks of a building, adding fire or lava, throwing water around an area without reason or cause, or setting TNT in towns -- ALERT STAFF IMMEDIATELY! If you come across a grief without any staff members on add a post to the "Report Griefing" forum tab on the website! Make sure to include all necessary information such as screenshots, names, coordinates, nearby warps, dialogues, violent PVP exchanges, etc. with your grief report! Even you can help stop a griefer! 

Make sure you also document any lost items you may have suffered through a grief event.


Lost Livestock/Animals/Villagers/Crops

This has become a more recent problem we've been seeing. Many of you have come forward with questions regarding missing livestock (i.e., sheep, cows, pigs) or villagers. Unfortunately, staff CAN NOT rollback missing livestock or detect who may have stolen it. However, you can be proactive in protecting your farms! 

When you are putting your animals into farms, make sure that you are placing these farms in protected areas. See above for more information.

Furthermore, make sure that your farms disallow any effort for the animals to climb out of them. Placing blocks next to fences, for example, make for great escape routes! You can also counter-act this by making fences more than one block high! 

How do you protect against other players then? The absolute best way to ensure the safety of your farm is to completely enclose a place for your farms. This means to completely surround your farms with blocks in a protected area. Make access only available through doors or gates that you have applied a protective sign too -- I'll explain this one more to you below. 

As for crops, we CAN detect griefers in the instance of missing wheat, carrots, potatos, etc. Give staff a call if you find your crops have been destroyed and we can either replace the crops manually or perform a rollback depending on the severity of the crop destruction.

If you find that your livestock are missing you should FIRST call staff over. SECOND, try to establish the weak-points in your protections and fix them. After you have increased your own security, we as staff can attempt to re-spawn your missing animals. 



Stealing refers to the act of someone taking items from your chests or storage areas without your knowledge and/or without your consent. Bear in mind: sharing a protected area with someone who may have taken something from a chest you had in that protected area is likely NOT CONSIDERED STEALING. Be cautious of who you add to your protections.

The best way to counter efforts of someone stealing is to apply a Lockette protection sign! Lockette is a plug-in we use to protect entities such as chests, furnaces, doors, etc.! Here is a video link to a tutorial on how to use Lockette! 

It helps also to keep your chests within protected areas and to keep them hidden. Adding protection signs to doors and other entities maintains the safety of your belongings.

Anyone found to be stealing from other players will be punished as equal to griefing: usually referring to a ban without chance for explanation.


Hate, Spam, Advertising, and PVP

Being an LGBT server, we are a primary target for hate-related speech or actions. 

Staff have the power and proclivity to ban any offender of hate-related activity with great prejudice! In most cases, staff will act as swiftly as possible to put an immediate end to any form of discriminatory or unpleasant social activity. 

In the instance where staff are not available make sure you document all necessary information about the unpleasant player such as involved parties, usernames, times, locations, means of rule breaking, etc. This can be recorded on our "Report Players" forum tab on the website! We as staff will attempt to fix the problem as soon as we can.

This method applies to any unpleasant player activity such as using racist/sexist/homophobic/unpleasant language, spamming (applies to repetitive message made at great frequency intended to disrupt the server), advertising (applies to blatant effort to disrupt our server through constantly advertising other servers), and PVP (applies to people who attempt to kill or hurt other players without their consent and in areas not set up for PVP-type activities). 


Ban Appeals

Mistakes happen. We as staff are not excluded from that. If you were banned or punished for any reason you feel was done so mistakenly or out of context please let us know in a grief appeal. This is a process reserved solely for people who make lesser to moderate rule breaks with intent to not repeat them to the best of their ability! We as staff deliberate on grief appeals to fully understand the nature of your rule-break and will act on what we see as according to both your appeal and your previous action! If you have evidence to support your appeal in any way, please include it. A testimony from your friend is NOT an ensured way to make a successful appeal in most cases. 


Protections Summed Up! TL;DR

In summation, you have many options and available means of maintaining protection on our server. Please make sure that your protections are up-to-date and you are well-read in what we have to maintain the integrity of your gameplay experience here on Gaymersworld! If you have any further questions about what you can do or if you need some help in establishing protections, let a staff member know! 

Below is a bulleted list of what you can do to stay protected!

1. Ask staff to apply protections around your property
2. Make sure that you only add to your property people you can trust! Do not add strangers without getting to know them first!
3. Make sure all animals/villagers/etc are in protected pins that are fully encased to eliminate someone going above or under the pins to destroy your livestock.
4. Building further out from spawn or public warps somewhat lessens the likelihood of being griefed!
5. If you see any rule-breaking activity alert a staff member immediately!
6. If there are no staff on when you witness a rule-breaking event, use the forums to post evidence!
7. Add lockette protection signs to all chests, doors, etc.
8. If you see a grief: note its location, do NOT fix it.
9. Avoid close contact to anyone who openly expresses a desire to commit a rule-break to you or someone else. Report these people to staff.
10. Help out new players; teach them about what they can do to be protected too! 

Stay safe out there, guys and girls and in-betweens and none-of-the-aboves!

<3 Killer
Hello everyone!

It is I! Killercroissants! 

I am a bit late in sharing news of our latest server restart and, with it, newest plug-in! It's called FrameProtect. It's quite simply that: a means of protecting item frames, perhaps most importantly, the item framed therein.

I am among many of you in being, well...peeved when I observe someone has looted from my item frame. I've had full diamond armours and enchantment tables stolen from me through this means. Most frustratingly, until quite recently, there was NOTHING we as staff could do about it. And trust me, I tried everything from building blocks around my item frames to deter people from even getting to them to making advanced redstone contraptions intended to drop someone into a death trap if they got too close to my frames. FrameProtect marks a new age in item frame protection.

With each new plug-in, we are bound to run across certain problems involving protections and the like. If anyone has any issues following this plug-in update please let any member of staff know and post a reply here detailing the problem. 

Logan has worked very hard in trying to optimize FrameProtect to be both efficient and issue-free for us! It is here that I give to him kudos on all our behalf.

For more information about FrameProtect, please see the website here:

The server WILL BE RESTARTED TONIGHT to finalize our transition into FrameProtect, so keep that in mind. No specific times have been given yet. 

Thanks lovies and have a FABULOUS day.

<3 Killer and Staff! 
[Helper] mmonegan This is why i kept all my item frames in a secret underground lair with no exit and no entrance. They were forced to li ...
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