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Happy Birthday!


[Admin] mmonegan a posted Wed at 20:04
Hi all,
   Bunnieville is almost ready to begin taking members.  Bunnieville will be the server town, and the default town for new players.  I will begin making plots available once the economy is fully up and running (also soon!) I will need a few volunteers to build a few buildings, so look for that soon as well.
THE_ELI_123 I would love to help im not white listed yet but i will help build if you want


[Admin] mmonegan a posted Jan 4, 15
Hi Everyone!

As many of you know, sometime ago Mojang changed the rules on donations and bonuses for players who made them.  Specifically, players who donated can no longer get special treatment.  So I am happy to announce a new tiered donation reward system that will benefit the whole server for meeting monthly donation goals.  Rewards will range from access to special kits, more commands available to players, and other goodies.  Each reward level grants increasingly good stuff, and reaching higher reward levels also grants the rewards from lower levels!

For now, we are rolling out two donation levels, but we will be adding more soon.  If you have (reasonable) suggestions for rewards you'd like to see, be sure to comment!

Level 1: Taking Inventory - $25 - 1 extra /home[see note 1], Iron Tools Kit, access to the /workbench (/wb) command (access to a crafting table from anywhere)

Level 2: Acquire Hardware -  $50 - 2nd extra /home [note 1], Enchanted Iron Tools Kit[note 3], Iron Armor Kit, and access to the /enderchest (/ec) command (access to ender chest from anywhere).

Note 1: Home co-ordinates for 4th and 5th homes will be saved even if the reward level is not reached the next month, however players will not have access to those places via the /home command unless the appropriate donation level is reached again.

Hi Folks,

     I've reorganized the forums to (in my mind at least) make it easier to find the discussion you want.  Everything (except the builder application) is still there, but it may have moved.  Player / Grief reporting is now in the "Website" section.  Kandi's "Library" is now a sub forum. 

I've also added a minecraft discussion forum to separate those posts from the general discussion.  Hopefully this makes finding your ideal discussion a little easier.  Please let me know if you have more ideas.

Finally! The day is here!
Gaymers World is finally back online!
Please be sure to read our last post (Gaymers World Re-Launch) if you have not already done so!
Lets get to playing some Minecraft!!

Hello Gaymers!

It seems like forever since I’ve talked to everyone. We are happy to announce that Gaymers World has finally transferred to 1.8! Along with the new 1.8 world, Gaymers World is also introducing a new concept to its server. The past week staff has been working on a special project which will bring our community together. This is why you’ve seen the server online, but couldn’t log on. We would like your help building the new Gaymers World!

Staff has divided themselves up into three teams, which will be in charge of building: Spawn, a Town, and a Nether Hub. Each of the groups will have a leader (Admins) which will be in charge of looking over their group project and guide you through the building process. We would like for everyone to participate in creating the server we love <3

--==Group 1==--

Group 1 will be in charge of creating spawn and a nearby market! Your team leader for this group will be me, That1LatinoBro.

--==Group 2==--

Group 2 will be in charge of creating an organized Town! Your team leader for this group will be mmonegan.

--==Group 3==--

Group 3 will be in charge of creating a Nether Hub! Your team leader for this group will be Rachilde and GoofyBunnie.

**Important Stuffs! **
-The server will be available for members to log on as of Monday, November 24th.
-If your groups Leaders have not assigned things to do, please wait for them. Do not start without approval or consent.
-WorldBorders are enabled (100,000 blocks from spawn)
-Each Group will have a station at the project site, so remember to /sethome if you wish.
-Plug-in commands are different on the server. Type /help for a full list of commands.
(Example, you can only /sethome once. If you /sethome again, it will replace your previous position without warning, regardless if you name it or not)

Each member is not required or obligated to participate, but it would be awesome if everyone did! Those who do not wish to join the project, feel free to play survival.

Each group will be responsible for obtaining their own materials. (Oh, and did I mention that it will all be in survival, even Admins!) Once arriving at spawn remember to contact your team leaders/Admins of the group in which you decide to work with and check out the signs and billboards posted at spawn.

Our objective is to create friendships and memories, not to mention rebuilding GaymersWorld, through this project. Our server has the flexibility to create this project, since we are after all, relatively a small server. We hope everyone will log on to contribute, get to know one another more, and be a part of this very special project <3

-GaymersWorld Staff

P.S. – Feel free to post questions or comments on this thread.

[Admin] mmonegan a Team 2 Current Roster: mmonegan joshjh47 Kandi 50runeeli
[Staff] Rachilde a Hey, what about team four?
[Staff] That1LatinoBro 5pm US EST time is the official time the server will be relaunched.